Probability to Odds Calculator – Decimal Odds Calculator

While many gamblers try to convert odds to probability to understand the percentage based on the decimal odds given by bookies, there are also many who want to do the opposite. That’s where our Probability To Odds Calculator comes in.

This tool is great when you’re looking at the likely winning chances of different events and you want to turn those numbers into actual decimal odds.

For example, let’s say you’ve looked into how a football team might do in their next match. After checking everything, you think they have a 75% chance of winning.

To see what this means in terms of betting, you’d want to turn that percentage into decimal odds.

With our calculator, you can see that 75% is the same as odds of 1.33.

Now, with this, you can check and compare the odds bookmakers offer with what you’ve worked out yourself. It’s interesting to see the differences!

And even if you’re just wondering how a random chance turns into odds, our calculator can help.

Good luck, and always remember to gamble responsibly! 🔞