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Calculating the odds probability or converting them from decimal to probability percentages is something that very few gamblers actually do or care about. However, doing this is quite useful because it makes you realize what are the actual chances of winning given by the bookie to a specific player or team.

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βœ…Β  Example: you could look at odds of 1.20 and consider these to have very high chances of winning. This is true, but would you still perceive 1.20 as being an “easy” or “sure win” knowing that in reality it has a probability percentage of 83.3%?

Of course, the chances of winning can be in reality completely different, even if the odds are the same for different events. You could have a team with 1.10 odds more likely to win a specific sports event than another team with the same 1.10 odds. It depends on many factors that the gambler can evaluate and estimate by himself, maybe even better than a bookie. Therefore, as we said in the beginning, these implied probabilities are very helpful to understand what chances (%) are the bookies actually giving.


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Below you can use the Odds Probability Calculator to convert decimal odds to a probability percentage. As an extra bonus, you can also calculate the potential payout based on a specific bet amount.

Good luck and don’t forget to gamble responsibly! πŸ”ž

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