Cashback vs. Rakeback in Crypto Casinos: A Distinctive Breakdown

October 25, 2023
Cashback vs. Rakeback in Crypto Casinos- A Distinctive Breakdown

The world of online gambling has evolved rapidly with the inclusion of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. As the landscape of digital casinos expands, players often encounter terms like “cashback” and “rakeback,” especially in crypto casinos. While they may seem interchangeable, they cater to different aspects of the gambling experience. Let’s dissect the nuances between these two incentives.

What is Cashback in Crypto Casinos?

Definition: Cashback refers to a percentage of a player’s losses returned to them over a specific period or on specific bets. It acts as a safety net, minimizing the sting of losses.

Basis: Typically, cashback is based on the net losses a player incurs. If a player deposits 1 BTC and loses 0.5 BTC, they might receive a percentage of that 0.5 BTC as cashback, depending on the casino’s offer. For a list of platforms offering this feature, check out these crypto casinos with cashback.

Frequency: Cashback offers can be daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the casino’s promotional strategy.

What is Rakeback in Crypto Casinos?

Definition: Rakeback originates from poker rooms and is a part of the “rake” or commission taken by the casino, returned to the player. It’s essentially a loyalty program to reward regular players.

Basis: Rakeback is calculated on the commission the casino earns from a player’s bets, not on the player’s losses. If a poker room takes a 5% commission on every pot and a player contributes 1 BTC to the rake over a month, a 20% rakeback would give the player back 0.2 BTC. If you’re keen on exploring platforms offering rakeback, visit these crypto casinos with rakeback.

Frequency: Typically, rakeback is a continuous offer, given as long as the player continues to play.

Distinguishing the Two:

While both cashback and rakeback serve as incentives, their difference lies in their basis of calculation:

  • Cashback focuses on mitigating losses.
  • Rakeback centers on rewarding contribution to the casino’s earnings.

A Word of Prudence:

Though these incentives can offer players some relief or reward, it’s essential to approach online gambling, crypto-based or otherwise, with caution. Remember the principle of responsible gambling: play within your means and always prioritize your well-being.

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