Yugoslavia is back!


If you try to register on the brands delivered by TGP Partners, such as 12bet, 138, SportPesa and others, you will find something shocking: Yugoslavia exists!

I can’t dare to suspect that people behind this company still didn’t find out the news, almost 30 years later, so there’s probably another reason:

  1. Something big is about to happen and these guys found out earlier the secret plans.
  2. Some nostalgic serbians fucked up the registration forms.
  3. They didn’t have enough resources to write all states that appeared after the disintegration of Yugoslavia.
  4. This is a sneaky way to accept registrations from these states.
  5. The QA department was busy watching Netflix when launching these brands.

Who knows…

Well, at least they don’t have the Roman Empire in the registration list, so it’s still something. 🙂

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