What to do when you win big in gambling

Like many gamblers, I had periods when I was luckier than usual and I managed to hit some big winnings, but more than once I ended up losing the whole winning amount because I didn’t have experience and I didn’t know what to do after a big winning.

Depending on each gambler’s budget, a big winning can be a few hundreds, a few thousands, a few tens of thousands or even more. Maybe for me €300 is not a big winning, but for someone who deposits only €10 it can be quite a consistent and important amount of money.

First steps after winning big in gambling

❗ After you win a big amount in gambling, you need to stop gambling right away, then visualize and realize the size of the winning amount.

This is very important because many gamblers act irrationally, like they are hypnotized by the betting game, not fully realizing what did just happen. Many gamblers continue to place bets, sometimes in a very chaotic and risky way (increasing the stakes), thinking that they can keep on winning. And the worst thing is that they disregard the big winning amount like it’s not theirs and they can afford to lose it.

ℹ️  Example: A gambler deposits €30, place bets worth €3 each, then wins €1,000. After the win he starts placing bets worth €50 each and, when losing big chunks from the winning amount, he tries to console himself by thinking something like “So what if I lost €300? I deposited only €30 (my money) and I still have €700.”

❗ Withdraw the whole amount and take a pause from gambling (at least for a few days) until you cool off.

If you withdraw just a portion from the winning, you are at the risk of continuing to gamble the amount left, losing it and, finally, canceling the withdrawal or depositing again in order to continue gambling till you lose everything.

❗ Make plans with the winning amount: put the money in a savings account, pay your rent earlier, buy something that you always wanted and you didn’t have enough money for, surprise your loved ones.

Doing such kind of things will make you realize, even more, how useful can this winning be for you.

❗Forget about the winning after you withdrew and saved/spent it. You don’t need to live in the past and start thinking like “hey, maybe I can win like this again“. When you start betting again, you need to have the same behaviour you had before the winning: depositing and betting decent amounts that you can afford to lose.


Some gambling companies will resort to special tactics

If the winning is a few hundreds or thousands of EUR, most of the decent and serious gambling companies will not cause problems when you’ll try to withdraw. However, you need to pay attention and expect the gambling companies to:

πŸ›‘Β  Β Delay or limit your withdrawal(s), asking you to split the winning amount in several small withdrawals (with each one to be requested in a specific time frame).

This is a nasty strategy which is meant for the gambler to lose patience and start canceling the withdrawals in order to play again (if the processing time ofΒ  a withdrawal is too long) or to simply play from the balance that can’t be withdrawn yet.

This can be easily avoided if the betting site has big withdrawal limits. Pay attention to this detail when choosing a betting site.

πŸ›‘Β  Β Start pushing a lot of betting promotions in order to convince you to keep on betting.

The goal of such gambling companies is motivate you to keep on gambling, especially when you win big.

If want to be sure that you’ll stay away from gambling after a big winning, then you can use the limit functionalities that you will find in your gambling account in order to: immediately set a limit for deposits and for betting.

❗ If you do not manage to control yourself and follow the advices mentioned in this article, then it may be a sign that you have a serious problem and you should seek professional help.


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