VIP betting

vip betting

Today we want want to talk a little bit about VIP betting, meaning customers who deposit and bet large amounts of money and who can be easily considered VIP gamblers by most of the online betting sites.

If you consider yourself a VIP gambler, then this article could be useful in the approach you have when dealing with betting sites.


You are valuable

First of all, it’s very important to know that any gambler, regardless of the amounts he deposits and bets, should be considered important by betting sites and this should be reflected in all the services that are delivered to gamblers. Politeness, respect, common sense, decency and carefulness should be at the basis of every single gambling service.

However, we know that this is not what happens in reality in most of the cases. Small players tend to be ignored, while big players receive special attention. In some cases, even big players or players with a lot of potential can be neglected if the employees of the betting site don’t have experience in dealing with VIP players, they are not well trained or the betting site simply doesn’t have good VIP programs/internal procedures for such kind of players.

⭐  If you are constantly depositing and betting large amounts of money, then you need to know that you are a very valuable player for a betting site.
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Play your cards well

In general, betting sites are making many efforts in order to attract and maintain their customers active (depositing & playing), so you need to understand that you have a very big advantage, especially if you’re a VIP gambler.

You shouldn’t tolerate mediocre betting services or the lack of respect from betting sites because you are in control. If you aren’t satisfied and you stop playing at a specific betting site, then there’s only one loser: the betting site.

Now that you know this, it’s important to also understand what you could be entitled to as a VIP player:

  • Fast withdrawals
  • Large/increased deposit limits
  • Large/increased withdrawal limits
  • Personal account manager/VIP support
  • Dedicated and exclusive VIP deposit bonuses
  • VIP Cashbacks
  • Dedicated promotions or tournaments
  • Gifts

Not all betting sites are offering these things, but even if they don’t – you can and you should be able to request some of these. For example, requesting for your withdrawals to be processed faster or the limits for deposits/withdrawals to be increased are some pretty basic things that should be possible. Even receiving dedicated cashbacks, bonuses or promotions (such as VIP bonuses) are things that can be doable.


❗ When you gamble it’s like you’re using a regular service or product, it’s like buying clothes or paying for the internet, therefore this makes you a consumer. As a consumer you need to be treated with respect because, thanks to you, the people creating and selling that product or service earn money. If you and other consumers are not satisfied and no longer use the product/service, then the people mentioned above will earn less money and will have problems.

In the case of online gambling, things are a bit different than in commerce with necessities or other things that are used/bought by large masses of people. Most of the people buy water, cars, smartphones, clothes and so on, but not all the people gamble. Also, not all the people who gamble do it with large amounts or constantly. Overall, we are looking at a niche that’s very targeted, where there’s a lot of competition and in which the customers get bored easily. That’s why you need to know that as a VIP player on a gambling site you have the power to demand decent services and even more. Use this power wisely! 😉

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