Top 3 worst sports betting bonuses

Most of the sports betting websites have bad bonuses, but today I want to look at the top 3 that caught my attention.

15% bonus from SBOBET

I dislike the fact that SBOBET doesn’t mention the 15%  on the homepage or landing pages where the bonus is advertised. You just see the maximum bonus amount, €200, being highlighted with a huge font. Good marketing for 2003!

In order to grab the maximum bonus, you need to deposit around €1,334 and wager the deposited amount x 14 on odds greater than 1.50. It’s such an amazing deal to wager over €18k for a €200 bonus!  🤮


50% up to €80 bonus from Dafabet

The geniuses behind Dafabet decided to create the ultimate offer for their new customers, so they came up with 50% up to €80 for the first deposit. No worries because the deposit and the bonus amount have to be wagered x 15 on odds greater than 1.50.

In order to grab and release the maximum bonus amount (€80), you need to deposit €160 and wager €3,600.


100% up to €150 from EVOBET

These guys from Evobet clearly didn’t want to take any risk, so they have created a bonus with some pretty bad conditions.

If you deposit €150, you will get €150 on top as a bonus, therefore you’ll have a total balance of €300. Sweet! The bad thing is that you will have to wager the deposit and the bonus x 10 (meaning €3,000) on odds greater than 2.00.

Wow, why stop at 2.00 and not increase the minimum odds to 5.00? Why not even limit the maximum withdrawal to €10? It’s safer, guys!


There’s a fine line between a bonus and a mockery

If you want to attract players with a bonus, among others, then you need to invest and take some risks in offering something that can actually be perceived as a BONUS = GIFT = REWARD, not do lame-ass marketing tricks, increase the conditions up to really silly levels or add stupid restrictions that make it almost impossible to release a bonus.

I really hope that the guys who came up with such stupid bonus ideas will be rewarded by their bosses with a bonus pay worth €1. 🤑

In case you’re asking how a decent bonus should look, then check below:

✅  100% up to €25 bonus is offered for the first deposit

✅  the bonus has to be wagered only 5 times (meaning €50) on odds greater than 1.50

✅  a €10 free bet is offered additionally (the winnings from the free bet need to be wagered x 1 on odds greater than 1.50)

Therefore, a €25 deposit will bring a €25 bonus and a €10 free bet, both with very decent wagering conditions.

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