The best sports betting websites

The best sports betting websites

As a gambler who placed bets on hundreds of betting websites for more than 12 years, I am very selective with the betting websites I use. These must have all needed functionalities and meet all criteria in order for me to have the best online gambling experience.

Throughout the years, I always tried to find gambling websites that offered a complete package of online betting services, without feeling that something is missing or not ok.



For a long period of time, I considered Bet365 to be the best sports betting website because it had everything I needed at that time: excellent platform for both desktop and mobile (fast, good looking and well organized), a huge variety of pre-match and live events, many betting markets, video streaming, relatively fast withdrawals, friendly live support and loyalty bonuses. On top of these, Bet365 offered something that few betting websites could: the safety of my funds. I never had reasons to believe that I could ever have problems in withdrawing the money I deposited or some potential big winnings.

Unfortunately, while I evolved as a gambler, I started noticing and encountering lots of issues that made my online gambling experience less pleasant:

🔴  When trying to bet live, the betting markets were constantly being suspended, way more often than other websites I was using. As you can imagine, it was very frustrating to not be able to bet.

🔴  Many of my winning live bets were updated afterwards by lowering the odds and therefore the winnings. For example: I was betting on player X to win a game at odds of 3.50. After my bet was settled as a winner, Bet365 was sending me a message that my bet was resettled at odds of 2.10 (claiming to have displayed incorrect odds while betting). I started to become really pissed off when such things began to happen more often, almost on a weekly basis.

🔴  Sometimes it happened to notice that I placed bets on incorrect odds which were not in my favour (eg. the correct odds offered by most of the betting websites were 3.00 – 3.50, while Bet365 offered 1.20 – 1.50 at the exact same time). When contacting Bet365 with proofs and arguments, the response was always something like “we are not responsible for any incorrect information displayed when betting live“. Of course that Bet365 was never updating bets when odds were incorrect in their favour, but was always updating bets when odds were incorrect in my favour.

The low betting limits and weak live tennis offer started to bother me as well, but I mostly lost trust in Bet365 after seeing that it’s not acting in a fair and professional way with me. This wasn’t really something I expected to happen at one of the biggest betting websites in the world. Hopefully things have changed since then. 🙂



I started to use Marathonbet more often because it offered things where Bet365 failed:

⚫  There were more live tennis events and this was a very important thing for me because I was mostly betting on tennis.

⚫  The odds were bigger. Not by much, but it started to matter when placing a lot of bets on daily basis.

⚫  The withdrawals via Skrill were processed faster and this came as a big plus considering that I was using Skrill as the main payment method.

⚫  There were no more suspended live betting markets/events. At least not that often as it was happening on Bet365.

⚫  There was no more bullshit with incorrect odds.

I must say that I was very happy when betting with Marathonbet, despite the fact that the platform wasn’t as advanced or good looking as the one from Bet365. Sometimes the betting limits for specific events were a bit low and the bets weren’t settled that fast, but overall Marathonbet was doing a great job in delivering a simple but pretty complete online betting experience.

Unfortunately, I stopped using Marathonbet, not because I wanted to, but because of the changes in the local gambling regulation.



After Marathonbet was no longer an option, Unibet easily became my favorite betting website, although it wasn’t quite perfect.

There were many things that I liked:

⚫  Good odds.

⚫  A very rich live betting offer with many tennis events.

⚫  Good looking betting platform with many features.

⚫  Tons of bonuses and promotions. Especially loyalty bonuses, odds boosts, reload bonuses and competitions, almost on a weekly basis.

⚫  Friendly customer support.

⚫  Live video streaming available for pretty much all live events I was betting on.

⚫  Fast withdrawals.

⚫  Bets being settled very fast.


There were also things that I disliked:

🔴  Cash-out feature being suspended too often.

🔴  Slow betting platform on both desktop and mobile.


Overall, I was and still am ok with Unibet because it’s clearly one of the best betting websites, but it lacks that final touch, it doesn’t have that premium feeling that I’m looking for.



I don’t really remember how I started betting with Betano, but what I know for sure is that I fell in love immediately. Betano is a masterpiece when you look at the website:

⚫  The way the website is built, the design, the features, the menus, the betting slip, the balance, the betting history, the live betting platform – literally everything is so well done. The guys who worked and created this betting website did an amazing job! Dear gambling companies, look at Betano and take notes! That’s how a betting site should be: flawless! 

⚫  The mobile site is by far the best in the industry. At least, that’s my opinion. I’ve never seen any other mobile betting site with this premium vibe. It’s so smooth, fast, every option makes perfect sense and works perfectly, every little thing is how it should be.


On top of this technical part which includes pretty much all features, functionalities and design, there are also the actual betting services, support, betting offer, odds – which are of a very high quality:

⚫  Both pre-match and live betting offers are very good in terms of events and markets. Also, the odds are above average.

⚫  The offers (bonuses and promotions) are much better than the competition and the CRM team seems to do quite a good job in not spamming you with shitty emails. I personally like the approach of Betano.

⚫  Everything happens so fast. Live bets are settled instantly (where instantly means instantly, not after 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes etc), the support operators start speaking with you the moment you click on the contact button – there’s no waiting time or anything like this, the Skrill payments are processed instantly, the bonuses are credited instantly (whenever there’s a mission and you complete it).

⚫  Great KYC process – fast and secure, with no bullshit and delays.



The only thing I could say negative about Betano is that you can’t bet big amounts. From what I’ve noticed, the defaults limits let you bet a few hundreds of EUR – depending on the market, odds or event. In general, if you place bets with stakes up to 400 EUR, then you should be fine with Betano.


Final words

I believe that all gamblers should be very demanding when choosing the website where they want to deposit money and gamble. There are many options nowadays, so it’s a real pity to waste your time and money with some low quality betting websites just because they offer a bigger bonus. Also, just because a betting website is big and popular doesn’t mean that it’s also suitable and good for you.

For me, taking into consideration my demands and my style of betting, Bet365, Marathonbet and Unibet were among the best betting websites when I’ve used them. Currently, Betano is by far the gem of the industry and I really hope that other companies will take it as an example and start delivering a complete online betting experience:

🏆  Premium desktop and mobile betting platform (flawless technically, with lots of useful functionalities, fast, smooth, well organized, with no bugs or issues).

🏆  Big variety of sports events, markets and decent odds.

🏆  Fast KYC process, friendly and professional customer support operators, fast payments.

🏆  Good CRM process with promos suitable for each type of gambler.


For other gamblers, the ones that I listed may not be the best sports betting websites – maybe because they want bigger limits, specific payment methods or because they think that other criteria is more important. Personally, I always looked for a balance in the services offered by a betting website, basically to deliver pretty much everything you may need at an above average quality. Some may be happy with no live video streaming, lower odds, less events, slow and outdated platform, but with huge betting limits. Every gambler is different.

The conclusion is that a gambler needs to search for a betting website that’s good for him and not accept half measures.

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