Testing the customer support of betting websites [PART 1]

The customer support agents are some of the most important employees from a gambling company because they are the ones who are interacting with the players, who are helping them and who are delivering information about the gambling services.

We strongly believe that you can find out if a gambling website is serious, reliable and worth to be used based on the customer support service. A gambling website who cares about the players will invest time, effort and money in preparing a professional team of customer support agents who will be able to kindly assist any player in any situation.

We wanted to test out some big names in the industry in order to find out how they treat a potential customer and how good they are in delivering basic information about their services.

We have prepared a list of predefined questions coming from a potential customer

These are some very light and basic questions that shouldn’t represent a problem for a customer support agent:

✅   Does your website accept customers from X country? Where X can be any random country.

🕛   The answer to such a question can be delivered in a few seconds. The customer support agent just needs to check the countries list from the registration form or the list of accepted/excluded countries from the T&Cs.

✅   Is there any welcome bonus or first deposit bonus?

🕛   A customer support agent should know if the betting website is offering a welcome bonus and if the welcome bonus is different per country/region. Even if there would be 50 different welcome bonuses, he should be aware of this and easily provide detailed information about each one.

✅   Can you please deliver information about the wagering requirements?

🕛   This information should be easily found on the T&Cs page of the welcome bonus.

✅   When do I need to verify my account?

🕛   The customer support agent should know all details in regards to the KYC procedure. There shouldn’t be any delay when answering general questions about this topic.

✅   In general, how fast are withdrawals processed?

🕛   Players usually ask many questions about payments, therefore a customer support agent should know the payment methods that are available, the min/max limits, the standard processing time per each payment method etc.



William Hill Customer Support

First thing – it’s like William Hill wants to avoid for you to speak via Live Chat with a customer support agent. You have to go to a Help section, then scroll till the bottom of the page where you’ll see a “Still looking for answers? Contact Us” link. Clicking the link sends you to another page from where you need to click on a button, “Start chat“, fill a form with details then wait till a customer support agent answers.

🕛   The conversation took about 18 minutes.

❌   I disliked the fact that I needed to go through so many steps to speak via Live Chat. A pop-up button would have been great.

✅   The customer support agent got in touch with me in a just a few seconds.

✅   The customer support agent was friendly and polite.

❌   I felt that the customer support agent needed too much time to answer some simple questions.

❌   One of the answers was not entirely correct because I was told that I will receive withdrawals to Visa cards in 1 – 4 hours. In reality, these fast withdrawals are possible only if the bank supports Visa Direct.

Here is the conversation:


The customer support from William Hill wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t bad either. Although I didn’t feel that “professional” vibe from the customer support agent, it compensated with the fact that he was trying to be very friendly. I actually felt that I was speaking with a real human being who was doing his best to help.

William Hill has to do 2 things to improve the customer support:

  • Technically make it faster and easier to get in touch with a customer support agent. Not a big deal.
  • When doing the training of customer support agents, emphasize on the importance of learning everything about what has William Hill to offer. Unless there is a very specific and complicated request, a customer support agent should be able to easily answer to most questions without checking the website.

1xBet Customer Support

Contacting the customer support is extremely simple and it can be done by clicking on a pop-up – which will expand the Live Chat. The moment you type your message, a customer support agent shows up to assist you.

🕛   The conversation took about 20 minutes.

✅   I liked the fact that I could easily contact the customer support with just one click, without going through other pages or filling any other details.

❌   The customer support agent was replying very slow.

❌   The customer support agent wasn’t that friendly.

❌   I felt like I was speaking with a robot who was mainly doing a search on the website, then a copy – paste job.

Here is the conversation:


I can’t say that the 1xBet customer support was bad, but I was more disappointed compared to William Hill. Sure, I was able to contact the customer support agent faster, but he was replying very slow, he was mostly copy – pasting things and I felt like I was speaking with a robot.

1xBet has to do 2 things to improve the customer support:

  • Train the customer support agents to be more relaxed, more friendly and provide assistance like human beings, not like robots.
  • Same as for William Hill, train the customer support agents to focus on learning what 1xBet has to offer in terms of services, without spending so much time in searching basic things on the website.


Betway Customer Support

I spent about 5 minutes finding out how can I speak via Live Chat with a customer support agent.

Long story short:

  • Text link in the footer pointing to the Help page.
  • The Help page had a top text “Please note that you can still contact our customer support via Live Chat, or check out our FAQs below” + some categories and a search bar, but no button or link for the Live Chat.
  • I had to click on a category, then click on a random question in order to see this at the bottom of it:

  • I clicked on “No”:

  • I clicked on that text link, then this showed up:


  • One more:


If the goal was to find a way to piss off customers or potential customers, then Betway is doing a fantastic job! 🙂

🕛   The conversation took about 22 minutes.

❌   The journey of getting in touch with a customer support agent from Betway is really bad.

✅   The customer support agent was polite and provided the answers I needed, although I would have liked for him to be a little more casual and friendly.

✅   I liked the fact that the customer support agent made sure to provide all details that I may need, without even asking. Examples: which documents to send in order to verify my account, which payment methods are available for my region and that I need to opt in to the welcome offer before making a deposit.

❌   The customer support agent needed too much time to answer my questions.

Here is the conversation:


Fortunately for Betway, the day was saved by the customer support agent – who was more than decent. He could have been more friendly and a bit more fast when replying, but overall I was satisfied.

I can’t say the same thing about the smarty-pants who decided to make a quest from discovering how to get in touch with the customer support via Live Chat.

Betway has to do 2 things to improve the customer support:

  • Put a button/text link to directly access the Live Chat from any page, without going through so many steps.
  • Make sure that the customer support agents can easily respond to basic questions about the Betway services without the need of getting in touch with other teams/departments. Focus their training on learning about the Betway basic procedures & services.



Betfair Customer Support

Betfair is doing the exact same thing as Betway and William Hill. In order to get in touch with a customer support agent via Live Chat, I had to click on Help, click on Contact Us, then select a category in order to view a “Message us” button – which was leading to the Live Chat. Not all categories gives you the possibility to contact the customer support via Live Chat without having an account & being logged in.

🕛   The conversation took about 11 minutes, but that’s because the customer support agent closed ❌  the conversation in my face. 

❌   The journey of getting in touch with a customer support agent is bad.

❌   Those predefined questions in which you are asked to provide details in order to be connected to the right agent are annoying (probably based on the keywords you use). I highly doubt that Betfair has a big team of trained customer support agents who are able to assist only in regards to certain topics: Registration, Login, Deposits, Withdrawals etc. If that’s the case, then it’s stupid + this system had me rewrite my question.

❌   The customer support agent needed 5 minutes to find out if Betfair accepts customers from Norway (one of the top markets in Europe) + 3 minutes to provide a link to the promo page of the welcome bonus.

❌   Besides the fact that the customer support agent was way too slow, he closed the conversation immediately after I said “Thanks!”. I couldn’t believe that he left without waiting or asking to see if he can help with other things. Totally unprofessional and rude!

Here is the conversation:


I was extremely disappointed by Betfair!

It’s not enough to have an advanced Live Chat system, which can send automated predefined messages or assign you to specific agents based on what you type, if it’s not well implemented or if it fails to work properly. Also, the way the customer support agent “assisted” me proves that Betfair is doing a really bad job in training these people.

Betfair needs to:

  • Put a button/text link to directly access the Live Chat from any page, without going through so many steps.
  • Improve that Live Chat automated system.
  • Properly train the customer support agents.


Final words

Except for 1xBet, all the other betting websites made it difficult to get in touch with the customer support via Live Chat. While I totally support the idea of delivering a detailed FAQ section with answers to all the main questions that a player could have, I am totally against forcing players to go through so many steps in order to avoid them having a conversation with a customer support agent. As a player, maybe I do not have time to check the whole FAQ section or I simply find it better to speak with a human being.

It’s enough to have a help section where the player can see two things:

  1. A FAQ section where he may find answers to his questions.
  2. A visible and simple button/text link which will directly lead the player to the Live Chat.

It’s very simple and the player decides what he wants!

If gambling companies are afraid that the Live Chat will be overcrowded or that they won’t have enough trained/capable agents to do the job, then they can hire more people because they can afford it!

Besides this part, it was very clear that none of these agents was on top of the job. Some were better, but still – they were pretty slow and lacked training. This is NOT their fault, but the fault of the company and of the people who were supposed to take care of them.

Last but not the least, only the William Hill customer support agent was actually nice and friendly, while still being polite. This is such a rare thing to see! For some reason, most of the betting websites have customer support agents that can be split in 2 categories:

  1. Cold agents (aka “robots”) who are able to just send predefined messages or copy-paste sentences from the website.
  2. Casual agents who don’t give a fuck. They have difficulties in paying attention to grammar, punctation or simply in not being rude.


This round doesn’t have a winner, but it has a clear loser ❌   Betfair.


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