Skrill is perfect for online gambling

Skrill is perfect for online gambling

Throughout the years I’ve used many payment methods for online gambling (deposits and withdrawals), but Skrill remained my preferred one because it has some undeniable advantages.

My top reasons for why Skrill is perfect for online gambling:

⚫  I don’t like using my debit card directly on a betting site. Although there are security protocols, such as 3D Secure, that help prevent fraud when using the debit card, I prefer using Skrill because it adds an extra layer of protection.

I fund my Skrill account via debit card (or other method)  ➑️ I use Skrill to fund all of my betting accounts

⚫ When using Skrill as a payment method, the gambling account gets verified faster. In most of the cases, I just need to send a copy from my ID card. Eventually, some gambling sites could also ask me to send a screenshot from my Skrill account.

⚫ Skrill 1-Tap! Although deposits via Skrill take a few seconds, the Skrill 1-Tap feature makes it even faster. I enter the amount, click on deposit and the amount is transferred instantly to the betting account without being required to log in to Skrill and confirm the transaction.

⚫ Withdrawals via Skrill are processed faster. When gambling and winning, I want to receive my money fast. Therefore, I like the fact that my withdrawals via Skrill get processed instantly or a in couple of hours by most gambling sites.

⚫ After I receive my withdrawals in Skrill, I can immediately withdraw the funds from an ATM or do some online shopping thanks to the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard.

⚫ The Skrill account can have multiple currencies.

⚫ Funding the Skrill account can be done via credit/debit card, bank transfer, Neteller, Paysafecard, Bitcoin and other methods.

⚫ I can transfer and receive money instantly to/from other people that use Skrill.

⚫ I can easily keep track of all my gambling transactions using the Skrill transactions section, which is way better organized than most internet banking sites.

⚫ Using the Skrill account, I can also buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

⚫ When using Skrill, I get Knect points (loyalty points) that can be later exchanged to real cash ( 10 EUR up to 175 EUR, depending on the number of points).

⚫ Whenever I have a problem or a question regarding Skrill, I call their customer support and I get immediate help.


Unfortunately, there aren’t only good things.

πŸ”΄Β There is a 3.99% commission fee if there are transactions involving currency exchange.

Personally, I try to avoid such transactions.

However, when using Skrill very often, there’s the chance of becoming a VIP customer (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond). As you may imagine, these VIP levels come up with lower fees and some more additional goodies.

πŸ”΄ Some betting sites may exclude Skrill deposits from being eligible for deposit bonuses.


Final words

Skrill may not be the perfect payment method, but it makes my life, as a gambler, way easier. On top of this, Skrill made me trust them, not only because they offered decent services, but also because they continuously improved the services and made every little thing better. That’s why I can only recommend Skrill to gamblers and hope that every single one will have a positive experience, like I did. πŸ™‚

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