LinkedIn is the new Facebook

LinkedIn is the new Facebook and that’s shit!

These days I can hardly look on LinkedIn without seeing some of the most stupid, useless and arrogant posts, most of them not even being related with the main purpose of LinkedIn.

You know how on Facebook people try to display a perfect life where every little thing is fantastic, amazing, unbelievable, out of this world? Even going out to drink a coffee becomes some sort of top important thing that needs to be displayed to a large audience, by sharing multiple photos of the “event” and adding texts & hashtags like “Drinking a great coffee with my bestie 🥰”“, #lifeisbeautiful #greatcoffee #liveyourlife #feelingfantastic #friends #mylifeisamazing #mypoopsmeelslikeroses #mywhatchisworth10kjustlookatitbitches

We, people, are social beings and it’s nothing wrong to discuss or share moments of our lives, if that’s what we feel like doing sometimes. However, if the primary goal is to just display moments to other people instead of living them, then”Houston, we have a problem!“. I may be wrong, but I believe that when someone is over-exaggerating with such kind of things, he crawls for attention and for those little moments of satisfaction (given by views, likes, comments) simply because in reality he is not happy and he can’t be satisfied unless everyone sees him, appreciates him or even envy him.

That’s what LinkedIn is becoming, more or less, with the difference that on LinkedIn there is a higher concentration of smarty-pants with an exaggerated level of self-importance, thinking that they are some sort of business gods that managed to get on hold of the absolute truth. On LinkedIn is not only about displaying, it’s also about making lots of efforts in convincing other people that you’re some sort of Buddha when it comes to professional careers, whose purpose is to “spread the word”, get followers and receive confirmation.

While sometimes is funny to see people who refer themselves as Business Spiritual Motivator Influencer, Director of Knowledge and Wisdom, Founder of How to be a, CEO of “I am smarter than you” & Founder of “Man, you should be happy to have me as your connection!“, it becomes a bit sad to see that useless posts coming from these people manage to get more attention than posts coming from real professionals who have something important to say and who share valuable professional information.

Well, at least on LinkedIn we are not seeing photos like on Instagram with what people are eating when they go to lunch (aka business lunch), with what places they see when they go to vacation (aka business trip) or with how they party when they go to clubs (aka team building). Oh, wait 😲

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