JimPartners is much more than it seems!

I found out about JimPartners last year when they approached me on LinkedIn to promote their brands. I looked a bit at their affiliate program & brands, but I wasn’t too excited about what I’ve seen, so I said “pass”.

There was something about JimPartners that made me wonder if it’s worth to register, if they’re legit and if they actually pay commissions. Maybe I judged them too hard in the beginning, but after a few months, when I was looking for new brands to promote, I decided to give them a chance.

JimPartners: the beginning

I registered an affiliate account and I was approved immediately! In other words, I was able to start promoting right away the brands of JimPartners.

ℹī¸Â  While this should be normal, there are so many affiliate program sites that need days, weeks or even months to approve new affiliate accounts. It sounds stupid because as an affiliate you register to PROMOTE their brands, so it should be in their interest to act fast and approve affiliates to start doing the job. However, many of the affiliate program sites have lazy affiliate managers that don’t give a fuck. They should probably read How to be a good affiliate manager.

After I registered, I logged into my affiliate account and I’ve seen contact details (email, Skype and Telegram). I’ve contacted them and I started to be assisted right away. I wasn’t “put on hold”, I didn’t have to wait 5 hours for a reply or wait days to deliver what I requested, but instead:

✅  I immediately received answers to all of my questions

✅  I immediately received all the requested marketing materials

✅  Special bonuses were set up for me in less than an hour

And do not believe that they were like this just because I was a new affiliate with a big potential. No! In the first couple of months my results were almost 0, but the affiliate managers from JimPartners were still kind, respectful, polite and always willing to help and provide the things that I asked in order to improve results.

ℹī¸Â  Again, this may seem normal, but it’s not. Very few affiliate managers actually treat you like this, especially when you’re not delivering. Most of them start ignoring you or delaying their responses.

JimPartners: now

After promoting the JimPartners brands for quite a while, I can say the following:

✅  I am still well treated by the affiliate managers: always polite and friendly, always helping and trying to solve issues as fast as possible.

✅  The payments are done really fast. The first payment is after the middle of the month (16 – 20) for the commissions generated in the 1st half of the month. The second payment is at the beginning of the next month (1 – 5) for the commissions generated in the 2nd half of the previous month.

✅  There are many payment methods available, including bank transfer, ewallets (such as Skrill) and cryptocurrencies.

✅  It’s very easy to negotiate and ask for an increased commission level if you’re delivering decent results. The affiliate managers are always open to discussions.

✅  The affiliate program interface loads fast.

✅  The stats from the reports are updated really fast (in minutes). Therefore, you don’t have to wait a day (like in other “advanced affiliate platforms) or to install tracking pixels/s2s in order to find out if you have new players, new deposits etc.

Don’t get me wrong, the affiliate program of JimPartners is not perfect and there are many things to improve:

❌  When I log into my affiliate account, the default language is russian. Every single time I have to change it to english.

❌  When I log into my affiliate account, the first page I see is the “Profile” – with personal details, change password etc. It would make more sense to see the “Dashboard” first.

❌  There’s only one report that shows the main details (new customers, first deposit amount & count, deposit amount & count, the service fee, the bonuses, the revenue share) + filters for period/marketing source/promotion/brand/utm term. This is a good report, but it would require some more additions + it definitely needs to be organized in a better way.

❌  The service fee is a bit high (around 40%), but this is clearly mentioned in the FAQ section. For example, if you generate a $1,000 net revenue and you have a 50% RS, then you will receive a $300 commission. Basically, a 50% commission level actually means 30%.

❌  Overall, the affiliate program interface seems unfinished and sometimes you need the assistance of an affiliate manager.


Final words

In the beginning I considered JimPartners to be an affiliate program shady and risky, but it turned out to be serious, friendly, transparent and reliable. There are many things things to fix and improve, especially in regards to how the affiliate program is being “presented” and how it actually works, but a big part of the success is guaranteed if JimPartners will continue to treat partners in a such a good way.

If you want to register an affiliate account on JimPartners, I’d appreciate if you’ll click on the button below.

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