How to get your withdrawal faster

Many gamblers choose to deposit using their debit cards and most of the gambling websites allow them to withdraw to the same card they used to deposit. However, very few gamblers know that they can also withdraw the funds via bank transfer to the bank account associated to the debit card used for deposits. It’s pretty much the same thing, but requesting withdrawals via bank transfer usually allows the player to receive the funds much faster.


How does it work

You have a bank account and a debit card associated to that bank account (eg. VISA, Mastercard etc).

Whenever you want to make a deposit to a betting website, you use that debit card by entering the details from it (name, number, expiration date, security number) and the amount you want to deposit. When the deposit is processed, the amount is being debited from the bank account via that debit card.

When you try to withdraw from a betting website, it usually offers you to withdraw to the debit card used to deposit. The process is simple: you just enter the amount you want to withdraw, click a button to submit the withdrawal and that’s it.

Although it’s a very simple process, withdrawing in this way can make you wait more than 2 business days until you receive the funds (usually between 2 and 4 business days).


How you can speed up the withdrawal

After doing many tests on gambling websites, we’ve noticed that there’s a way of receiving the money faster.

Requesting a withdrawal via bank transfer to the bank account associated to the debit card used to deposit can shorten the time of you waiting for the money. What you need is the IBAN of your bank account and the bank details (name of the bank, address, SWIFT code).

Most of the gambling websites we’ve tested processed the bank transfer withdrawals much faster that the direct card withdrawals. There were cases when bank transfer withdrawals were received in the same day of requesting or the next business day. In average, the money were received in 1 business day.

We recommend you to test this and see if the gambling websites you’re using act faster when it comes to processing such bank transfer withdrawals.

Good luck!

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