How to get a bonus from a gambling website

In this article we don’t want to talk about the regular bonuses that are advertised on the promo pages and are available for all the players, but about the bonuses that you can get from the gambling websites based on your betting activity.

Find out if you’re a valuable player

The first step in order to know if you can have success in requesting additional bonuses is to find out if you’re a valuable player for the gambling website.

In general, most of the gambling websites reward from time to time the players that are valuable, but you can push and gain some extra rewards if you know how to do it.

So, how do you know that you’re a valuable player for the gambling website:

⚫   You deposit very often (a few times a week).

⚫   You deposit large amounts.

⚫   You have a big turnover.

⚫   You lose more than you win.


ℹ️   For example, if you deposited €25 in the last week, placed 2 bets and had a profit of €50, you have 0 chances to request and actually receive some sort of reward or additional bonus. This is because you deposited a small amount, you had a low betting activity and you brought losses to the gambling website.

However, if you are a heavy player or if you have a more consistent betting activity in a specific period of time, there are good chances to get a bonus.


How to grab a bonus

If you know that you’re a valuable player for the gambling website and your recent activity can help you support your request of a bonus, then you need to contact the customer support service via Live Chat or Email.

There are a few things that you need do:

✅   Be very polite and relaxed when speaking with the customer support agent. Do not push him, do not ask for something like you’re entitled to receive it, do not be rude or annoying.

✅   Start the conversation by saying something positive about the gambling website, then gently insinuate that you would be very happy if a loyalty bonus  would be credited to your account so you can keep on betting.

✅   Bring an argument into the conversation to prove that you’re a valuable player and you have potential to keep it going at a higher level.

✅   Invoke a decent reason for why you’re requesting a loyalty bonus.

✅   Finish the conversation like you’d be totally fine even if you will not receive a bonus, again being very polite and decent.


In order for things to be clear, I’ll give an example of how you can have success in claiming a loyalty bonus:

✅   “Hello! I hope you’re having a great day! I’m contacting you because I would like to ask you for a bonus, please. If that would be possible, of course.

✅   “Your website is really great and it has so many live events, way more than the other gambling websites I was using.”

✅   “In the last 5 days I’ve deposited more than €500 and I was pretty active, so it would be really great if I could receive a loyalty bonus from your side.”/ “Unfortunately, I’ve been unlucky in the past few days and I lost around €400, so it would be really nice if I could receive a loyalty bonus from your side.” / In the past 2 weeks I’ve made 11 deposits and placed bets on a daily basis, but I didn’t receive any kind of offer, so I’d really appreciate if you could do a goodwill gesture and provide me with a loyalty bonus based on my activity.

✅  “These days I’m unable to deposit, but I will definitely do it next week when I’ll get my salary or I’ll be able to deposit using my debit card. Therefore, it would really be helpful if I could have fun these days on your website using a bonus.”

✅   “Thanks a lot for your help and keep up the good work!


In most of the cases, if you’re actually a valuable player, you’ll get some sort of bonus. This is because the gambling websites are not making a big effort or actually taking any risk in crediting a bonus (with wagering conditions) to a player who is valuable or who can be motived to stay active or bet more.

This trick can work a few times as long as you don’t start over exaggerating with the requests ( ❌  claim on a daily basis or immediately after you’ve received a bonus).


Why you should claim such bonuses

Gambling websites are putting a lot of effort in convincing you to deposit more, bet more and so on. Also, it is in their interest to have you active on the website. Therefore, why wouldn’t you ask for a compensation from time to time if you’re actually depositing, betting and, overall, being a valuable player? It’s a win – win situation, so you should take advantage of it!

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