Gambling companies are not your friends

Regardless if you’re a player or an affiliate, you should not trust gambling companies like they’re your friends ready to scrub you on your back and give you money for free. Many people are lured with friendly gestures, attractive offers and tactics meant to make them feel happy and well treated, but it’s bullshit.

The same happens with:

⚫  Banks giving loans and advertising this like they’re making your dreams come true, when their goal is to win interest.

⚫  Fast food chains or soft drinks producers advertising that their food & beverages are amazing and delicious, attracting especially children, when in fact millions of people die on a yearly basis because of the health issues caused by these.

⚫  Clothing shops selling overpriced low quality clothes after brainwashing people with the help of the local or international “celebrities” aka “trend-setters”.


Coming back to gambling companies, you need to understand one simple thing: their unique goal is to make money from you. That’s it! As long as you’re useful, you have potential and you’re delivering positive results, you’re good! The moment you’re no longer delivering, they’ll either start ignoring you or find ways to get rid of you.


The love between players and gambling companies

Gambling companies live thanks to the players. If players wouldn’t deposit and lose money, they’d go bankrupt. Therefore, everything they do is meant to attract players who can deposit, play and lose money.

It seems wrong, but let’s be honest, that’s how things work in any industry and we can’t be hypocrites and start condemning companies because they want to make money. At the end of the day, you probably work for money as well and not for the dream of making the world a better place.

Therefore, the point is not to condemn gambling companies because they need your money and they don’t plan trees as a primary activity, but to understand the reality and stop believing nonsense.


It’s very important to know that a decent gambling company doesn’t:

⚫  Deceive players with wrong marketing: “You’ll be rich!“, “Win and make your dreams come true!“. “Gambling is everything you need in life!” etc.

⚫  Invent stupid reasons to delay the withdrawals or to even stop paying.

⚫  Limit players after some little winnings.

⚫  Constantly suspend (live) events or markets.

⚫  Write ambiguous terms and conditions that can be used to stop players from betting, wagering a bonus or withdrawing.

As a player, when you open an account, make a deposit and start placing bets, your goal is to win those bets and withdraw. If you are successful, this means that the gambling company is losing. Therefore, your goal is opposed to the goal of the company. To put it simple, it’s like a duelΒ between you and the gambling company.

This duel doesn’t have to be hostile, but it can be dominated by decency thanks to a balanced set of rules or guidelines meant to not heavily support only one side.

Fortunately, there are many gambling companies that are decent and are constantly trying to deliver a fair and balanced online gambling environment, but still – you should choose carefully and never forget to act in your own self-interest.

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