Declined affiliate applications

Today we’ll discuss about why it’s not ok to decline affiliate applications without providing a clear reason from the very beginning.

Automated email notifications

Usually, an affiliate manager reviews each pending affiliate application, then checks “approve” or “decline” inside the affiliate admin platform. After approving or declining an affiliate application, the affiliate platform triggers an email (a predefined template) to be sent to the email address of that specific rejected affiliate.

For approved there’s something like “Your application was approved! You are now ready to promote our services and enjoy amazing commissions“, which serves perfectly as a notification/confirmation for the affiliate that he can start the job. However, the affiliate manager should get in touch right away with the affiliate so he can assist and discuss about their collaboration.

For declined it’s something like “We’re sorry, but your application was declined, due to one or more from the following reasons.” and then there are listed 20 reasons.  In my opinion, sending automated emails which have predefined templates for declined applications, without clearly specifying the exact reason of being declined is stupid.

Common sense

Just because an application wasn’t approved, it doesn’t mean that the human being behind that application deserves less respect. At the end of the day, it’s about common sense to provide a clear answer in order to inform the affiliate, but also to help him in fixing the issue that prevents him from being approved.

What if today you go to the doctor to take the results of your blood tests, but you just receive a list with 10 diseases and with some text: “We’re sorry to inform you that you’re sick and you have one or more diseases from the following list.

Too extreme?

Well, what if you go to the airport and at the check-in there’s a guy who tells you “We’re sorry to inform you that your flight is delayed for at least 10h due to one or more of the following reasons:

❓ The plane has a technical issue.

❓ The pilots have explosive diarrhea.

❓ The weather conditions are not ok.

❓ We are waiting for connecting passengers from a previous delayed flight.

❓ The guys from air traffic control are not working today because it’s bank holiday.”

What if you don’t even get a list of possible reasons? 🙂

There are solutions

Deactivate the automated emails with predefined templates that are sent when applications are declined and simply type an email to the affiliate in which you inform him about why was his application denied. Eventually, there may be affiliate platforms from where you could even edit the predefined template for specific recipients upon sending.

If there is such a huge volume of applications that need to be declined because you check the affiliate applications once in 6 months, then you could send out a predefined email like “We’re sorry, but we were unable to approve your application. An affiliate manager will soon contact you to provide more details. If you do not want to wait, please feel free to contact us at …”. It still involves for an affiliate manager to provide details to the rejected affiliate, but at a later stage. Better than nothing.


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