Condor Affiliates: Probably the Worst Affiliate Interface in the World

Today I visited Condor Affiliates ( in order to see if any improvement was made since the last time I’ve checked it and I was quite surprised to see the same old thing. Therefore, I decided that it’s a perfect day to write an article. Hope you’ll like it. 😉

About Condor Affiliates

The affiliate program belongs to Condor Gaming, a company founded in 2012, with over 50 employees (according to their LinkedIn page) and with a license issued in 2016 by MGA. The company has 5 betting sites, Rembrandt Casino, 24Bettle, b-Bets, Big5Casino and Casino Sieger,  that can be easily described in 1 word: average.

So, we’re not looking at a recently launched company that has 2 employees and that struggles to survive one more month, but at a company with many years of experience, a decent portfolio, more than 50 employees and with enough budget that can be wasted on “playing” with a helicopter at igaming conferences (SIGMA 2019). On top of these things, the company seems to be very proud that it developed in-house the platform that powers its brands. Not bad!


Condor Affiliates First Visit

I want to start by saying that there are many affiliate interfaces that look like they were developed by one guy who didn’t have anything better to do for 2-3 hours, meaning that they are extremely simple, lack basic affiliate functionalities or don’t work at all. Therefore, Condor Affiliates is definitely NOT the worst affiliate interface in the world, but I wanted to use the same uninspired type of title that they used for one of their casinos.  🙂

The moment you visit the affiliate program site, you see the same type of cheesy content that’s present on 99.99% of the affiliate program sites. If we wouldn’t know it, we could swear that all the affiliate content from all sites is created by the same person. I know that in big lines it’s pretty much the same shit with presenting commission levels, saying that there’s a dedicated affiliate manager and other boring affiliate stuff, but a bit of a combined effort & creativity wouldn’t hurt.

One thing I like about affiliate program sites is reading the “About” section. That’s like the most useless piece of text, but it has to be there. Usually someone from the company needs to do his homework and come up with a text filled with tons of bullshit about how amazing, fantastic, even magical, the company is and how your life will change if you become an affiliate today.

I’ve read the short essay written by Condor and I wasn’t disappointed. Just look at it:

To be honest it’s really difficult to choose a favorite part from this text because every single word is so deep. Example: “We think about today, but our vision has 20/20 clarity about the future, too. ‘FR’ can stand for ‘Future-ready’ and we are.“.  I don’t care if whoever came with this part was high or not, but man …I can almost say that my life changed only after reading this text.

And the cherry on top is  “Our affiliate team has well over 75 years of combined experience in the industry”.

I can even imagine how the guys from Condor had a meeting and came up with this idea:

Affiliate boss 1:  Everybody is saying things like “we are the best, we are professionals bla bla“, so we need to revolutionize the industry and come up with some real numbers on the table that can blow everyone’s mind. Any ideas?

Affiliate boss 2: Yeah, let’s tell the whole world the total years of experience that our affiliate team has!

Affiliate boss 3: GENIUS!!!!

Affiliate boss 1: Ok, so we are 4 affiliate managers and each of us has worked in the igaming industry for about 5 years. Right?

Affiliate boss 4: Mhm…

Affiliate boss 1: Good, so 4 x 5 years = 20 years! Let’s also add the experience of the guys from support, finance, web design and the developers – because they also help with some things, so technically they can be considered part of the affiliate team as well. Right?

Affiliate boss 3: YEAH!!!

Affiliate boss 4: Mhm…

Affiliate boss 1: Good, so 20 + 1 + 3 + 1.5 + (shouting: Jeesssicaaaaaaaa, please call Bobby and ask him how many years of experience he has in the industry)

3 weeks later….

Affiliate boss 1: Ok, guys, so we’ve gathered here to present the result of the calculation regarding the total years of experience that our affiliate team has.

Affiliate boss 3: OH, MAN, WHAT A DAY!!!

Affiliate boss 1: The number is: 75!

Affiliate boss 2: What if we say 74.99?

Affiliate boss 1: Told you before that things don’t work here like in a clothing store.

Affiliate boss 1: So, everybody is fine with it?

Affiliate boss 4: Mhm…


Affiliate boss 2: …


Condor Affiliates User Experience

Loading time & Reports

The website loads slow, especially when checking the Quick Summary report of each brand. It usually takes around 7-8 seconds for the default report to load (with details for the past month), but if you change the time period then it can take even more than 10 seconds.

From the dashboard you can click on “View details” under each brand in order to see the Quick Summary report (aka “Quick Stats) I’ve mentioned above.

The funny thing is that when you read “Quick Summary report” or “Quick Stats” you start thinking that there may be other detailed reports that you can see. Well, no! There’s no other report, so don’t get too excited about that.


Choose your brand

One particular thing that annoys me a lot is the fact that I have to choose the brand from a top left drop-down list in order to see things like banner gallery, campaigns, invoices, basically pretty much any section except the Quick Summary report, for that particular brand.

While I do understand that it’s ok to be able to filter or see some things specifically per each brand, It’s stupid to separate everything in this way,  especially considering that the website is loading soooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow.

Example: When I go to “Banner Gallery” I should be able to see all banners for all brands or filter the banners per brand, inside the “Banner Gallery” section. What happens here is that you have to choose the brand from the drop-down list, go to “Banner Gallery” to see the banners for that brand, then if you want to see banners from another brand: you have to chose another brand from the drop-down list, be redirected to the “Dashboard”, then go again to “Banner Gallery”.  Seriously?

Condor Affiliates pays the affiliates only via bank transfer in the last week of the following month if the commission earned in that month is > €100. So, if in July you’ve earned €100, then it means that you’ll probably receive your commission somewhere at the end of August. Therefore, we know that Condor is not only slow when it comes to loading the site & reports, but also with the payments. Condor should know that these days there are affiliate programs which pay the affiliates several times a month or at request – when a minimum level is reached.

Something interesting from their terms: The amounts below the minimum amount of one hundred euro (€100.00) can only be carried forward for two (2) months. Should at the end of the third month the sum of previously carried over two months shares together with third month share amount still remain under minimum (under €100.00), the previously carried over two (2) months amounts will be waived.

Now that’s some nasty shit!


Marketing materials

There is a decent amount of banners in many sizes at an average quality. So, if you’re looking for banners, then Condor Affiliate is decent. However, if you also want landing pages …then things become nasty again.

Leaving aside the fact that there isn’t a big variety of landing pages to choose from, those which are available look pretty bad. I mean, bad enough to consider that these were designed by someone from Fiverr in exchange for €5.


Revenue share

Last but not the least is the revenue share which can go up to 45%. I’m totally impressed that I didn’t see the word “massive” on the Condor’s pages because you can hardly see an affiliate program site these days without something like “Become our partner and you could earn a massive commission up to 50%!“. It’s so cringe considering that everybody knows that these % are a total bullshit.

Condor Affiliates says in the terms that they deduct a deposit fee (5% of the deposited amount), a fixed % for gaming costs (20% of revenue share % applied to the house win amount) + local taxes (when applicable).

I don’t want to spend time right now in calculating what does 45% actually mean in a real scenario, but I can assure you that it’s a pretty low maximum commission. Basically, someone with 20% is pretty much earning …nothing.

Here I can give credits to Condor Affiliates because at least they are somehow transparent and they tell you how much they charge without lying too much like most of the affiliate programs do.


Final words

Condor Affiliates is an affiliate program that’s not very good, but also not very bad. It’s somehow representative for the whole igaming affiliate field. If you check other affiliates programs, you’ll see that many of them are pretty much the same.

In this particular case I’ve seen an affiliate program that tries to attract affiliates with beautiful words, promising a great experience and other bullshit, but the reality is different:

❌   the affiliate interface is very slow and basic

❌   the commission levels are very low

❌   the marketing materials are average (if we are very kind)

❌   there’s no variety in terms of payment methods + payments are done very slow

❌   the terms are filled with lots of conditions meant to prevent you from receiving any commission if you’re not delivering as they expect

Therefore, as an affiliate you don’t really have too many reasons to start working with Condor Affiliates.


The situation could easily change if the big guys would invest some money in:

✅   improving and optimizing the affiliate program & interface

✅   integrate some other payment methods

✅   speed up the payment of the commissions

✅   hire some good designers to take care of those marketing materials

✅   treat affiliates with respect by offering some decent commission levels

At the end of the day, Condor would be the main one to win from these improvements , so let’s hope that someone from Condor will check this article, will realize that these critics are constructive and will do something to improve things.

PS: yep, that bird from the image is a condor


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