Casino Signup Bonus – Casino Support Test [PART 2]

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As we said in the first article, when we tested the customer support of some big brands, we believe that the customer support agents are extremely important. If you want to read more about this, just click here and go to the article. Following our initial test, we wanted to continue with some online casinos (less known) and discover how would they welcome a potential new customer looking for some general information (eg. casino registration, info about the wagering requirements of the casino signup bonus, how fast are withdrawals processed).


We have used the same type of questions from the initial test

✅   Does your website accept customers from X country? Where X can be any random country.

🕛   The answer to such a question can be delivered in a few seconds. The customer support agent just needs to check the countries list from the registration form or the list of accepted/excluded countries from the T&Cs.

✅   Is there any welcome bonus or first deposit bonus?

🕛   A customer support agent should know if the betting website is offering a welcome bonus and if the welcome bonus is different per country/region. Even if there would be 50 different welcome bonuses, he should be aware of this and easily provide detailed information about each one.

✅   Can you please deliver information about the wagering requirements?

🕛   This information should be easily found on the T&Cs page of the welcome bonus.

✅   When do I need to verify my account?

🕛   The customer support agent should know all details in regards to the KYC procedure. There shouldn’t be any delay when answering general questions about this topic.

✅   In general, how fast are withdrawals processed?

🕛   Players usually ask many questions about payments, therefore a customer support agent should know the payment methods that are available, the min/max limits, the standard processing time per each payment method etc.


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Casino Signup Bonus – Testing The Customer Support

We’ve checked 5 online casinos which we knew that accept customers from the mentioned countries and that have a casino signup bonus.

Find out happened!

Bitstarz Casino Signup Bonus – Customer Support Test

One thing I like about most online casinos is that they have a live chat pop-up button that shows up on any page, so you can contact them with just one click. The same thing applies to Bitstarz!

🕛   The conversation took about 8 minutes.

✅   The customer support agent was very friendly and polite.

✅   The customer support agent knew what he was doing and was able to answer all my questions really fast.

✅   The customer support agent did a good job in delivering enough information about the casino signup bonus.

✅  The customer support agent was doing his job like a real human being: he was typing his responses, he didn’t use pre-defined messages, he had a casual vibe and he made me feel like he’s actually there to help, not to just get rid of me.

Here is the conversation:


Up to €500/5BTC in Casino Bonuses

🔞 Terms & conditions apply
The customer support from Bitstarz was really great and managed to deliver all the information I requested in a very friendly way. I really can’t complain.

Hopefully, all the Bitstarz CS agents are like Greg! 🙂


Cobra Casino Signup Bonus – Customer Support Test

Contacting the customer support of Cobra Casino was a piece of cake. I managed to get in touch with a customer support agent in a matter of seconds.

🕛   The conversation took about 9 minutes.

✅   The customer support agent was polite.

✅   The customer support agent tried to help by delivering additional information: games that are not available for my country or when it would be best to verify my account.

✅   The customer support agent seemed really serious and professional when assisting, which is a good thing.

❌   The customer support agent just gave me the link to the promotions page and didn’t bother making a summary of the casino 1st deposit bonus/casino welcome bonus.

Here is the conversation:


The customer support from Cobra Casino was good and the agent helped me with everything that I asked, but it wasn’t perfect …at least not for me. I would have expected for the agent to have a more relaxed and friendly “tone”, especially since the information was delivered to a potential customer.

Don’t get me wrong, Aria did a good job! However, when I compare Aria from Cobra Casino and Greg from Bitstarz, I’m more inclined to say that Greg’s attitude was closer to what I consider to be a perfect customer support service.


Rolletto Casino Signup Bonus – Customer Support Test

I got it touch really fast with a customer support agent from Rolletto. Check below to see what followed. 🙂

🕛   The conversation took almost 15 minutes.

✅   The customer support agent answered all of my questions.

❌   The customer support agent was just trying to do a copy-paste job.

❌   The customer support agent was slow and sometimes I had the feeling that he wasn’t fully reading my questions, as I had to ask twice.

❌   The customer support agent needed too much time to reply, considering his answers.

Here is the conversation:


Welcome Package up to €6,000 in Casino

🔞 Terms & conditions apply
Unfortunately, the customer support agent from Rolletto didn’t do a really fantastic job. I mean, he wasn’t rude or impolite, he answered all of my questions, but the way he did it wasn’t great.

I guess he wasn’t trained enough or maybe he just had a bad day. One thing is clear: when you see a customer support agent who doesn’t really have any desire to assist you and whom you have to “push” in order to find some answers, you’re not feeling that great and welcomed – especially from the position of a potential customer.


Tornadobet Casino Signup Bonus – Customer Support Test

I didn’t have to wait more than 5 seconds to start speaking with a Tornadobet customer support agent!

🕛   The conversation took about 9 minutes.

✅   The customer support agent was polite.

✅   The customer support agent was very professional and gave very detailed and useful answers to all of my questions.

✅   The customer support agent was fast considering the amount of details provided.

Here is the conversation:


Up to €800 in Welcome Bonuses

🔞 Terms & conditions apply
The customer support service from Tornadobet was really great! While I am usually more happy with customer support agents who have a more “casual” way of speaking/typing, I really liked the professional and organized approach from the Tornadobet customer support agent.  In the whole conversation, I felt like Karolina is doing everything to assist me in a perfect way.

Good job, Karolina!


Slottica Casino Signup Bonus – Customer Support Test

I didn’t have any problem contacting the Slottica Casino customer support service. It literally took a few seconds before starting to speak with a customer support agent.

🕛   The conversation took about 18 minutes.

✅   The customer support agent was very friendly and polite.

✅   The customer support agent was very professional.

✅   The customer support agent was paying attention to details and making sure that he gives me correct information.

✅   Even if he needed 5 minutes to check an information, I really liked the fact that he asked me if I’m ok to wait.

Here is the conversation:


Up to €3,000 in Bonuses

🔞 Terms & conditions apply
The customer support from Slottica Casino was excellent! Maybe the customer support agent wasn’t that fast, but I appreciated more the fact the he was extremely friendly, polite and professional.

I was feeling like a VIP who is assisted in the best possible way – considering the approach of the customer support agent, language “tone”, details delivered etc.

Excellent job, Michael! 👏


Final words

It’s really difficult to choose a winner because pretty much all customer support agents did a good job in a different way.  For example, Gary from Bistarz and Michael from Slottica Casino were very friendly, but Gary was more casual and fast in delivering information, while Michael had a different style, taking more time to make sure that all the information he delivered is 100% correct. Aria from Cobra Casino and Karolina from Tornadobet weren’t extremely friendly and relaxed, but they did a great job and it was clear that they were on top of it. Karolina seemed like a real pro who wanted to do everything by the book.

The Support Agent (without a name) from Rolletto wasn’t one of the best agents I spoke with, but he managed to deliver all the information in a polite way, so let’s not be that harsh on him. Maybe he had a bad day. 🙂


In this round I don’t want to pick one winner because all of them are winners! 🏆


I like the fact that all of the these betting sites realized that it’s very important to deliver a customer support service that can be easily and fast accessible via Live Chat. Even if each agent had a different approach, at the end of the day all of them managed to help me.

As you can see, all of these brands which are not that big or well know, managed to implement and deliver a decent customer support service, which is not what we can say about the big brands tested here.

I won’t generalize and say that most of the big brands don’t really care about the customer support service because they are big, known, they have tons of money and they are not affected if 50, 100 or 1,000 customers have a poor experience with their bad customer service, as long as they have 100,000 more players who gamble using their services, no matter what. I won’t generalize…


After reading these 2 articles, you can draw your own conclusions. 🙂


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