Avoid gambling websites with no SSL

Avoid gambling websites with no SSL

When visiting a gambling website, one of the first signs of security is the presence of an SSL certificate. This can be easily checked by looking at the URL bar inside your browser.

When a website is secure

  • The website’s URL will start with “https://”.
  • There should be a lock sign on the left side of the URL. Clicking on it would open a pop-up with details about the certificate and the confirmation that the connection is secure.

When a website is not secure

  • The website’s URL will start with “http://”.
  • Depending on the browser, there will be a cut lock sign, a warning sign or “Not secure” being displayed on the left side of the URL.Β Clicking on it would open a pop-up mentioning at the top that your connection to the site is not secure.

If you never heard about SSL, then here’s a very quick explanation: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that creates an encrypted connection between your computer and the site. In other words, all the details exchanged between you and the site (anything you type: personal details, password, payment details etc) are encrypted and passed securely.

The SSL certificate is mandatory if you want your customers to feel safe and secure on your website. On top of this, the price of such a certificate is very low and the installation is very simple.

And now comes the question:

Why wouldn’t these websites have SSL?

Answer 1: They don’t care.

Answer 2: They don’t have money 🀣

Answer 3: They simply didn’t notice that their SSL certificate expired

Regardless of the answer or real reason, there’s only one conclusion: stay away from such websites!

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